My name is Barbara and I am looking for my first employment. I have developed a particular interest for both customer care and community management oriented jobs since I was in high school.

I am a passionate gamer and I have loved web and technology since I was a child. When I want to relax, I like reading books and comics, drawing or simply going out to enjoy a walk or a skating session. I am a calm, loyal, and helpful person. I always accomplish my goals with perseverance and reliability. Other people are important to me and I care about their needs and feelings. I am looking for peaceful and pleasant working environment where I could meet lots of new people with my same interests and cooperate with them in team.

My adventure in supporting people started when I was fifteen and I got recruited as a forum moderator. I was chosen for my helpful behaviour with other users and for my reliability. So I started by learning how to moderate and deal with my first community acquiring lots of useful skills that helped me with the following experiences.

I have been moderator and administrator in many forum communities until summer 2009, when I decided to make a step forward and I submitted my application as volunteer forum moderator for the S4League game when it was under Alaplaya and Burda:IC. I have spent a lot of time with players by forum and chat, solving their tech problems, giving them information and moderating discussions, especially when someone broke the rules.

Later I have been promoted to the Player Support role and I have learned how to manage player requests and tickets in a helpdesk environment, enforced by various tools. I had to deal with lots of sensitive data and I have improved my communication and patience skills to the highest levels. During my experience the game was managed by three different companies so I had to adapt my behaviour in compliance to their requirements, learning various strategies the achieve a better communication with the users. I was also in charge to gather players feedbacks and reports to forward them to the right people within the team.

My passion for this job has grown up during my time in the game industry and I am looking forward to work again in the customer care area!